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BreakPoint Roofing is here to protect you from your roof's breakpoint. Proudly serving Florence, SC and the surrounding areas. We specialize in roof inspections, roof replacement, roof leak repairs, insurance claims, and installations on new construction. Our team has decades of combined experience in the roofing industry and we're ready to share that experience with you.

We want to prove to you that we’re the best roofing company in Florence. Our inspections are free of charge. You can rest assured that it won’t cost anything to have us take a look at your roofing issue. We'll also provide a free quote to fix it. All you have to do is contact us and we’ll come out to your property in Florence to inspect & fix the problem.

We’re also happy to answer any of your roofing questions. You can fill out a contact form with your questions or leave us a message and we’ll answer back! Schedule an inspection with us and you won’t be disappointed. It's our goal that our neighbors are happy and satisfied with our work.

The process is simple - the first step is to reach out. After that we'll schedule an inspection appointment with you. After your roof inspection, you'll be provided with a quote to complete the work. Take your time to decide! We’re not in any rush, and you don’t owe us anything until the work is completed and you’re satisfied. Rest assured – We'll take care of you if you've reached the BreakPoint.

Storm Damage

BreakPoint Roofing, Florence - Storm Damage

Has your home experienced a strong storm recently? 
Florence is no stranger to near daily summer thunderstorms, the occasional hurricane, and other major weather events. If your roof has missing shingles or broken shingles after a storm, it won't be long until it turns into a leak. Water entering your home is the worst-case scenario, let us check it out before that happens.

If you felt or heard a tree limb hit your roof during the last storm, there's a good chance that it caused some damage that needs to be inspected and repaired. It's common in SC for strong thunderstorms to cause roof damages. But don't worry, we can take care of it for you!

Roof Leak

BreakPoint Roofing, Florence - Ceiling damage from roof leak

Noticed a stain on your ceiling that wasn't there before? Water actively dripping from your ceiling or attic? A tree limb broke through your shingles and decking, or missing shingles are now allowing water into your home. What should you do? Contact us as soon as you can and we will come out to your home and inspect your roof for free.

After we figure out what's causing your leak, we'll write you a free repair quote to fix the leak. It's always best to contact us as soon as possible to avoid other issues arising from water entering your home. Mold can grow in your attic or walls if the leak is left unattended. But we can help you out before that happens - when you're at your BreakPoint - contact us!

Old & Worn Out Roof

BreakPoint Roofing, Florence - Roof Replacement

You can see an old, worn out roof from the road. Old shingles struggle to do their job. With age, shingles become brittle and fragile. The older the roof, the more granular loss it will have. This can make it more susceptible to leaks. If your roof is 15 years old or more, the shingles are probably in decline. 25 or 30 years old? It might be any day now. During the next storm or heavy rain, you might have water pouring into your living room.

BreakPoint Roofing offers free inspections for all of SC. We can protect your home from the elements with a new roof installation. Not to mention, a new roof can transform and update the look of your home. Email us today to schedule your inspection.

Insurance Claim

BreakPoint Roofing, Florence - Insurance Claim - Hail Damage

So your neighborhood was hit by a hail storm. What now? Hail damage is the ultimate culprit that insurance companies cover for full roof replacement in Florence, SC. Our inspections can determine if your roof has hail damage or not. If we find a number of hail strikes in a 100 square foot area of your roof, typically your insurance company will approve full roof replacement.

The process can be confusing and frustrating for homeowners, but our experts are here to help you throughout the insurance claim process. From inspection, to repairs, all the way to recovering your depreciation, BreakPoint Roofing is here for you. All you need to do is contact us!

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Roof Repairs & Replacement

You're probably here because you're having a problem with your roof. Maybe it's old & worn out or maybe you have a leak. You might be here because your neighborhood was hit by a hail storm...

We're so glad you found us! Don't wait to give us a shout! Here's how we can help

A leaking roof can be a major problem for any homeowner. If you have water dripping from your ceiling, stop reading and contact us! We put an emphasis on customer service and because of that we will do everything we can to stop the water from damaging your home until we can complete a full repair or replacement.

If your shingles are old or if they're starting to shed asphalt into your gutters or walkways, it may be time to have us come take a look. We will be 100% honest with you and let you know what we think is best for your roof. Sometimes the recommendation is to replace the shingles, but not every roof needs to be replaced! We have no problem telling customers that we believe their roof still has some life left. And with some customers, we can see the weight lift right off their shoulders when they hear the good news. And if you have a leak that can be repaired, we aren't going to try to sell you a whole new roof either. We believe that treating customers with kindness, respect, honesty, and integrity is by far the best sales pitch, because we are able to build a relationship together. We know that down the road when it is time, you'll contact us.

You may be wondering what kind of work your roof requires. When you contact us, we'll schedule an inspection of your roof to figure that out. Once we figure out what's going on up there, we'll provide you with a free quote to fix it. And rest assured, neighbor - our work is guaranteed. Dont wait until you're at your BreakPoint, contact your friendly Florence roofers today!

Shoot us a message or fill out the contact form to start the process to your new roof.

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Roof Inspections

So there was a strong storm recently and you're worried about the condition of your roof...

Did you hear a tree limb crash into your roof during that last wind storm? Notice some missing or displaced shingles the next morning on your way to take the kids to school? In a worst case scenario, the most recent storms caused some type of roof damage that is now allowing water inside your home. If any of these have happened to you, the first step is to contact us. The second step is an inspection of the damages. That way we can help you determine if you should make an insurance claim. We've got you covered, just contact us to schedule an inspection.

Maybe you're considering selling your home and need to have the roof inspected for it to go on the market or per a home inspection for appraisal. Again, we've got you covered. We'll even write an official letter stating our findings, expectations, and recommendations. You can provide the letter to your realtor, a perspective buyer, a mortgage underwriter, or an appraiser. All for free! We understand that building relationships with our community is the best way to get customers to choose us.

After our expert roof inspectors have had a chance to look at your roofing issue, we'll come up with a plan of action and provide you with a free quote for the work to be done.

Shoot us an email or fill out the contact form to start the process to your new roof!

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Insurance Claims

Your roof has hail damage or wind damage... now what?

The insurance claim process can be intimidating to any homeowner. There's lots of fine details that can be easily overlooked if you don't know exactly what you're looking at. You deserve a representative to guide you through the process smoothly & successfully. Lucky for you, we're your local experts! We've been through this process hundreds of times with our customers, and we know the process like the back of our hands. We can help make sure you get what you deserve (a new roof). After all, you pay into it every year, right? When it's time to make a claim, we can help you make the most of it.

It starts with an inspection of your damages. We'll take a look at it and let you know if it warrants making a claim on your insurance. After that, we'll work with you to contact your insurance claims center. When you make a claim, the insurance company will send out a field adjuster to inspect your roof for hail, wind, or other storm damages. Simply let us know when they're scheduled to come out to your property and we'll meet them there to make sure the adjuster sees what we see on your roof. If they're having trouble, we can kindly point out areas of damage that we think should be considered. We are there on YOUR behalf, to represent YOU. We'll work diligently in order to give you the best chance of getting your roof damages covered.

After your claim has been approved, we'll help you understand the paperwork. The insurance breakdowns can often be difficult to comprehend. We'll help you understand your deductible, how to recover the depreciation, and all the other fine details of the claim process. In the end, you'll have a brand new roof, headache free!

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